Every Bride should have a perfect wedding day.
We at want to make that sentiment a reality.
We have put together items that will help with most of the little emergencies that sneak up and threaten to ruin the day.

And, at the end of the day, the Wedding Day RescueKit can be packed for the Honeymoon.

Our Wedding Day RescueKit contains travel or trial sizes of:

Anti-perspirant Panti Liners & Tampons
Bobby Pins  Pen
Breath Freshener Purell
Buttonier Q-Tips
Clear Nail Polish Safety Pins
Elastics Stain Remover Wipes 
Hand Lotion Static Guard
Hair Brush & Comb Tissues
Hair Spray ToothBrush & Paste
Powder First Aid Kit
Lint Brush Sewing Kit
Lip Balm Imodium
Manicure Set Pain Reliever
Matches Pepto-Bismol

No Wedding Day RescueKit would be complete without an extra pair of nylons and a little touch-up make-up, but the bride-to-be must select and add those herself. 

The Wedding Day RescueKit makes a perfect Shower gift