– Conversion

Our rabbis teach us that “the righteous of all nations shall have a share in the world to come.” The Jewish people are defined by more than our faith. We are linked by both history and destiny, and have never believed that Judaism is the only religion for all people. Becoming Jewish is a choice which many individuals have made. They did not take conversion lightly. Conversion takes time, study, and integration into our synagogue and Jewish community, because you are not only adopting the Jewish religion, but joining the Jewish people.

At Beth Hillel Synagogue, we welcome inquiries about conversion to Judaism. Some individuals may be married to a Jewish spouse, or be part of a Jewish family, and wish to more fully participate in the rituals, beliefs, and history of the Jewish people. There are also people for whom Judaism is the right “fit” in terms of community, religious practice, and spiritual ideals. Please contact Rabbi Atkins who will counsel you along your path to Judaism.

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